About Us

FUEL4LIFE is a full-service Nutritional Coaching and meal prep company that prepares fresh, portioned meals geared towards making everyday life easy, affordable, and healthy while guiding you on your journey.

What We Offer:

  • We take the time-consuming and stressful task of healthy eating out of your busy day.
  • If it’s a new diet to lose weight, a strict meal plan from your doctor, fuel for athletes, or a couple meals a week to lighten your workload—we do it all.
  • Our menu shows just some of the meals we can prepare for you, but we offer unlimited options.
  • Each meal is lightly seasoned, allowing you to add whatever extras you’d like. We never use mystery sauces, sodium-spiked spice blends, or ingredients you can’t pronounce. There are no dangerous trans-fats, artificial and processed ingredients in our meals.

Nutritional Coaching

Need help getting started? Let us coach you on exactly what to eat to see your goals met!

  • Our meal plans are designed to specifically meet your fitness and dietary goals.
  • We look at your daily schedule, your training regimen, and your preferences to analyze every detail and develop a customized meal plan that is delicious and easy to follow.
  • Whatever your goals, we can help you achieve them through guidance and support.

Our team wants you to succeed and we are always available to work with clients to customize a plan to fit your specific goals and lifestyle. Everyone is different and we understand that eating properly can sometimes be hard or overwhelming, but we are always here to help!

FUEL4LIFE Services
FUEL4LIFE Services
  • Nutrition Plans
    Easy to follow customized nutrition plans based on our specific goals. Plans teach you how to sustain a healthy lifestyle and learn portion sizes & options
  • One on one coaching
    Formal check-ins with our coaches to go over progress and make necessary adjustments
  • Education
    Ideas and strategies to help you choose the right food options to fit your goals and lifestyle.
  • Full Service Meal Prep
    We offer full service meal prep to ease the burden of cooking and make everyday healthy eating easier!
  • Group Weight Loss Programs
    Group or office weight loss services and challenges. Help your team become healthier and happier.