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FUEL4LIFE is a food preparation and catering company created to deliver healthy, fresh prepared meals to everyone looking to reach their nutrition goals.
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Fuel4Life Owner and Founder Martial Zulkifli

Martial Zulkifli

As a young man with odds stacked against him, Martial used his experience and dedication to create a business and network to help others succeed and live healthfully. Martial is an avid fitness enthusiast who began cooking at the age of 15 in restaurants around the Hudson Valley. In late-2015, he saw a need for convenient, affordable, and nutritiously-portioned meals in the Hudson Valley, which triggered his idea for FUEL4LIFE. As someone who always sees beyond potential, he knew this concept would spread further than a local reach.

FUEL4LIFE began with humble beginnings and only a handful of clients. All meals were freshly prepared with the finest ingredients and grade-A meats, which continues to be very important as Martial would never compromise product quality. He began with a childhood friend—preparing and portioning meals, overnight, in a borrowed kitchen. The long hours of cooking and delivering, within a few months, turned a handful of meals into hundreds by word-of-mouth. He acquired a larger kitchen along with a full staff to prepare, cook, and deliver prepared foods. Martial diligently pursued partnerships with local gyms to provide clients with his preparation service along with convenient pick-up locations. In just over one year FUEL4LIFE grew from a simple concept into a fully-staffed cafe located in Gold's Gym, Poughkeepsie.

Martial is incredibly passionate; his hard work and dedication inspire those around him to stay true to their aspirations. He provides the service of healthfully prepared meals, as well as support, compassion, and guidance to those looking to reach their goals. Martial is always a mere phone call or email away from his clients and continues to create friendships beyond a business relationship.

Contact: martial@fuel4lifemeals.com

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Fuel4Life General Manager Shanna Kangas

Shanna Kangas
General Manager

Shanna began her journey with FUEL4LIFE in 2015. Founder, Martial Zulkifli, aware of Shanna's extensive background in marketing, approached her with a new opportunity to improve the lives of others. As an avid fitness and nutrition enthusiast, taking pride in helping those reach their potential, Shanna was ecstatic to be a part of the FUEL4LIFE team.

Shanna is a mother and senior marketing professional, who has competed in both NPC and INBF Bikini competitions. Shortly after giving birth to her son, Shanna competed in the INBF Worlds Competition in Atlantic City winning the 2nd place world title, 11 months post-partum. Her post-partum fitness accomplishments have been featured in the NY Post, Daily Mail UK and various other publications.

Contact: shanna@fuel4lifemeals.com

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