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FUEL4LIFE is a food preparation and catering company created to deliver healthy, fresh prepared meals to everyone looking to reach their nutrition goals.
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Healthy and Nutritious Meals Prepared for you by FUEL4LIFE
FUEL4LIFE is your healthy meal prep solution.


Go to the FUEL4LIFE online store via the "PLACE YOUR ORDER" link from any page. Choose which meals you would like to order from the F4L store. Select your portion sizes, options, add-ons and pick-up or delivery day. Once you've added all your meals to your cart, you can choose a pick-up location or choose delivery to your home. During checkout, create a password to log back into your account and see your orders.

Meals that are ordered before midnight Sunday will be available for pick up or delivery the following Tuesday or Friday. Meals that are ordered before midnight Wednesday will be available for pick up or delivery Friday or the following Tuesday. Pick up your order the day you choose at the pick up location of your choice (find a pick up location near you). Meals must be refrigerated after pick-up or delivery. Refrigerated meals can be stored up to seven (7) days. Alternately, you may choose to pick-up or accept delivery twice per week for the freshest food possible. Please note for safety reasons, if you do not pick up your meals before their expiration date, our staff is instructed to dispose of your meals.

Trust that our food contains top quality ingredients. To get started just purchase the meals that work best for your goals and budget. You DO NOT have to be a member of the gym to select it as your pick-up location.

If you desire a custom diet or menu to suit your needs, need help deciding on the best meal plan for your goals, or have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call anytime, (845) 463-0600, or email us at info@fuel4lifemeals.com.

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Pick-up days are Tuesday & Friday.


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